"Prentiss plays in a style that is stunningly elegant and soothing; very enjoyable and relaxing. Brilliantly done!" ~  K.W.

"Prentiss has a wonderful gift, and all who are fortunate to have listened to either her CDs or her live performances have been treated to a foretaste of heaven's song!" ~T.K.

"Prentiss, Thank you so much again for adding such aural elegance to our wedding day. Your performance set the tone for our entire ceremony. Not only is your playing steeped in technical prowess, but you also add a peerless depth of emotion and gracefulness to the pieces you present to your listeners. The connection between you and the harp truly appears seamless! Sincerely,"~ The Hogans 10/24/09

"We have enjoyed your CD immensely! It is absolutely beautiful--stunning--and so intricate, every note cascades into a harp masterpiece. We will enjoy it for many years, I'm sure."The Rileys 

Why This Jubilee?

"The CD features timeless arrangements of twelve Christmas classics, beautifully played by Prentiss Kendall.  Her technique is precise and the performances are stunning.  A "must have" in anyone's Christmas collection." ~ S. Rawls

"Prentiss has managed to combine tender sensitivity with energetic technical skill in this excellent recording. She brings to us music that delights the soul and calms the heart." ~ J. Temple

"Prentiss, Thank-you so much for honoring my mother's memory with your beautiful harp music. She always enjoyed your music and we certainly did too. You made the funeral so much more special." ~R.S  and N.L. 

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